Monday, June 01, 2015

Daisy I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico

Daisy: You know what I think humans should do? Make me emperor. 
Buster: Oh no. 
Daisy: Why not?
Buster: You’d make everything pink, you’d ban football, you’d …
Daisy: No I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want everyone to hate me, and everyone would. Well, not the smart people. 
Dad: OK, what’s your platform? What would you do if you were emperor? 
Daisy: If I were in Peru?
Buster: EMPEROR! Context clues, please!
Daisy: Oh, emperor. Um, I don’t know. I’d be nice to all the people. I’d, um … 
King: Why do you want to be emperor if you don’t know what you’d do if you were emperor?
Buster: This is why she shouldn’t be emperor.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Rage, rage ...

Dad's up early, watching TV. Buster emerges from sleep.

Buster: What are you watching?
Dad: Soccer.
Buster: Ugh. That just ... took the light out of my day.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

War stories

Dad needs a subject for his next journalism blog post. Mom suggests he draw on his past for material. 

Mom: You can tell war stories from your days at the newspaper.
Buster: I've got some war stories. From second grade.

Battlefield photo, 11/9/10.


Photo time - March 2014

 On our way to Hawaii, March 29.

Dining beachside at Waikiki.

 Working hard, March 30.

 Waiting patiently to go to the pool, March 31.

 We got tickets to a luau for sitting through a time-share sales pitch. Buster is very excited!

Daisy figures, "There's dancing. I'm in."

 Django drinking beer at St. Mary's Park (trick glass), March 8.

Django, Elvis and Buster.

Selfie, March 8.

 Belated 11th birthday party at K-1 Speed, March 2. 

 Reasonable possibility that this is Buster.

On the medals stand: Justin, Luis, Oliver.

A Berkeley pelican, March 1.

Buster and woody, March 1.

Daisy on the Mona Lisa

Daisy: It's not very good. There isn't much to think about.
Dad: People have been thinking about it for 500 years.
Daisy: Well they should stop thinking about it.


Photo is of Dad's version of the Mona Lisa, taken 10/27/12

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The definition of insanity

Buster: I've asked you a question 20 times and you haven't answered. 
Dad: And now you're going to ask it again. 
Buster: Yes. What's for dinner?
Dad: And you think that this time, you're going to get an answer? 
Buster: Yes. 
Dad: Do you know what Albert Einstein's definition of insanity was? 
Buster: No. What's for dinner? 
Dad: Would you like to hear what Albert Einstein's definition of insanity was? 
Buster: No. 
Dad: Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is—
Buster: I don't care!
Dad: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.
Buster: That's nice. What's for dinner? 


Monday, January 05, 2015

Daisy tries to be a dad and not laugh

Dad explains to Daisy how to not laugh, like a dad.

Dad (serious): All you have to do ... 
Daisy: [Struggles not to laugh]
Dad: ... is think to yourself ...
Daisy: [Straining] Oieenga! 

Six minutes of laughing.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Photo time - February

Tough guy, Feb. 27

Red hair, Feb. 27

Freak! Feb. 16

With Grandma and Grandpa in front of San Francisco City Hall, Feb. 17

Photo time - January

 Cooking some eggs, Jan. 12

Dressed up for a tea party, Jan. 18 

Fierce, Jan. 25 

Birthday boy down on the drag, Jan. 29
Daisy and Daddy, Jan. 31 

Business guy Daisy

I look like a business guy because I have this jacket and I'm carrying this thing.
Let me take your picture. 
OK. How does a business guy stand?